Hi, I’m Meg, the face and heart behind my small ceramic business MEG Ceramics  - thanks for visiting!


I am a ceramicist based in Perth (Tuart Hill), Western Australia. I love to bring beauty, creativity and (re)connection in the form of clay to those around me. I make functional ceramic wares for the table and home. Organic, naturally imperfect and textural, every piece is handcrafted. I also run workshops and sell clay kits for you to experience all of the benefits of clay. I’m a big dreamer and ultimately I want to help make the world a better place and the people in it calmer, connected and confident. 


I’ve dabbled in ceramics since childhood. However, I actually ended up as a physio and movement therapist. It wasn’t until severe burnout in this industry and refinding and falling back in love with clay that I realised this is what I want and love to do, however it took some time to take the leap. Still working as a physio and after slowly recovering from a chronic fatigue diagnosis I became pregnant with baby number one in 2019. I went on maternity leave and when my son was about 6 months old I started seriously working on ceramics. I feel much more aligned and myself with this work and now baby number two is here too! Clay combines my love of creativity and making, guiding and connecting with you, my customers, and beautiful objects. I love that it is such an ancient form of creativity, you have to be totally present and super practical pieces come from it. 


I’m inspired by living an authentic and sustainable life. A life aligned with who I am in order to prevent burnout for me but also for the environment. I’m also inspired by the beautiful things around me, including art, but especially nature, including dance and the human form (I danced into my late teens which also inspired my physio pathway). Nature just gets it so right and Australia is so beautiful, as is the human body. Becoming a mother is another inspiration. Children have such a capacity for healing, play and acceptance, and along with parenting challenges mine journey into motherhood has been a powerful healing journey. A similar healing journey exists through making with clay. Connecting with customers at markets and in workshops leaves me feeling alive, inspired and highly satisfied. Lastly I’m inspired by other makers around me, of all kinds. They show me what is possible and the unlimited nature of creativity. And, I love sharing these inspirations with you. 


A fun little fact, I grew up on Christmas Island. A unique and stunning place where as a child we would do beach clean ups after storms, rubbish washing in from Indonesia. This is where my journey towards a more sustainable way of living started.


Core Beliefs and Values:

  • Connection is key. Life is nothing without family, friends and you lovely customers! I believe memories of experiences spent with loved ones are what life is about. 
  • Sustainable (authentic and healthy) living for myself and the environment. If I’m burnt out I’m no good to anyone around me and not living a full life. The same goes for the environment. We need to look after and nourish it for generations to come. 
  • Life should be beautiful and abundantly full of the things you truly love (while still respecting the earth’s limited resources)
  • Creativity and self-expression (with openness and curiosity) are integral to authenticity
  • A safe space and time are essential for creativity, health and sustainability. Respecting the seasons of life and nature, times of activity and rest. 
  • Our capacity for healing, it’s human nature to not only survive but thrive

I wonder if I share some of these with you? 

I’m passionate about having my work reflect my personal values because I believe everything is personal even in business. And being a small business I want to give a personal experience to my customers. 


Welcome to my online home and happy browsing!


Meg Xx


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