The Making Process

Each ceramic piece is lovingly handcrafted by me (Meg) in my home studio. 


Step 1 - PREP CLAY 

Wedging, weighing and preparing recycled clay for reuse


Step 2 - MAKING 

Only one of many steps in the process. Most of my pieces are handbuilt (slab, moulded, coiled and pinched). I love the organic forms which can be created with handbuilding. I also throw most of my cups and some other pieces


Step 3 - DRY 

Slowly over a number of days/weeks depending on the weather


Step 4 - TRIM & STAMP

Once pieces are leather hard (firm but still wet) any trimming or handles/fun bits can be added



Once pieces are dry (greenware) the first firing takes place to about 1000 degrees C. This process takes a few days for slow temperature control


Step 5 - GLAZE 

Non-toxic/food safe glazes are used to finish the pieces (painted or dipped). Matte pieces are sealed with liquid quarts which is a food and heat safe sealer. 



Firing to about 1280 degrees C. This process again takes a few days for slow temperature control


Step 7 - SAND

Making sure the base is nice and smooth for your table


Other processes involved include photography, packaging,

studio cleaning (essential for dust/silica management) and more


Meg x 


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